A family album: photos by (and of) Harry Keith

Here are the Keiths with my parents, at play in a sequence dated June 1950, at Judge Place, according to handwritten notation on the back of one photo. Agnes and Harry must have rented the residence at 1256 Judge Place in Saanich. Perhaps with Granny and Jean at the Island Road home and the wedding and all, Island Road was not large enough?

mum Harry AgnesMum, Harry, Agnes by dad mum dad AgnesUh oh dad looks pissed Harry mum dad Harry mum dad 2Pity no soundtrack

Dad, mum, Ginny, John and me taken at our home on Runnymede Place in July 1950:

Grant family July 50 Grant family July 50 2John Ginny meme John chevrolet me closing gate

At Acland’s Guest House on Salt Spring Island, July 1950:

John rowboatMy brother JohnGinny John wharfGinny and JohnGeorge Barnes Nick raftNick Guthrie and George Keith?George Barnes Nick raft 2Nick, George, Barns Guthrie?Agnes mum AclandsAgnes and mum

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