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The text is, unless otherwise indicated, my intellectual property. In the unlikely event a reader finds something with commercial potential in these pages, queries about obtaining permission to reproduce text should be directed to the author: petergrant(at)shaw.ca. For non-commercial uses, permission is not required, but attribution is. Please be sure to include the title and url: Oak Bay Chronicles <http://oakbaychronicles.ca> as well as the title of the article.

Do unto others etc … I try to obtain permission to use graphic material on the web, but sometimes my enthusiasm gets the upper hand, and a good fit is hard to resist. Copyright holders, I appreciate your patience; rest assured I will contact you about this.

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  1. Peter, I came upon your site while researching information for a presentation that I plan to do on behalf of the Victoria Genealogical Society at the Royal BC Museum on 8 November as part of the Remembrance Week events there. My topic is “William D’Oyly Rochfort: A Victoria Architect Goes to War”. He and his partner Sankey designed the Royal Victoria Yacht Club clubhouse and I would very much like to use the image you have of it on your site circa 1920 as that is so much more meaningful than a current photo. Since this is non-commercial, I assume I may use your image with the credit given as you specify. (I landed on your site by searching for 2425 Oak Bay Avenue, another of Rochfort’s designs – the Morehead House – but it’s no longer there, of course. It’s hard to see in your photo but I believe I can spot the right house!)

  2. I must admit to being thrilled about coming across your blog. I came across it while searching for information on Agnes Newton Keith. I have read a good number of her books and confess to being fascinated about her life. Your information fills a lot of gaps. Thank you.

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