The McDermott family; first house in The Uplands

Cadboro Bay. Real-photo postcard, author's collection. Photographer unknown. After 1912. House at left was built 1912 by Alexander McDermott. The first house in Uplands Estates (usually titled The Uplands), it stands today just inside the northern Uplands Gates at Cadboro Bay Road.
Cadboro Bay. Real-photo postcard, photographer unknown. After 1912. Author’s collection. House at left was built 1912 by stevedore Alex. McDermott on Shore Road, now Beach Drive, just inside the “gates” at Cadboro Bay Road. The first house in The Uplands, it stands today.

Alexander James Cohalan McDermott (1867-1949) was a native of Saint John, New Brunswick.


“First Uplands Homes Built Prior to World War I,” by Jean Sparks, Oak Bay Archivist, May 2011. By e-mail November 24, 2012.

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  1. My grandmothers sister was married to the son of Alexander McDermott and my grandmother spent a lot of time at this house growing up as the family wanted to adopt her and loved her so much after her sister passed while in child birth.

    1. How interesting — did your rellies live nearby? — and how tragic. Alex McDermott was no stranger to grief. In 1898 his young wife Isabella died of typhoid fever in the middle of summer. Worth noting that Alex was a very big deal on the waterfront, with the power to bring shipping to a standstill, as in the strike of 1901. His story will be told. Thanks for writing! Peter

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